5G mobile service will be launched in the country on October 1, PM Modi will be launched

Strong points

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate during a program at Pragati Maidan.
5G services will prove to be a great technological revolution in the country.
From education to health services, 5G service will bring great benefits.

New Delhi. For a long time, 5G mobile service was expected in the country. Now the news is that the 5G service will be launched in the country on October 1. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will launch this service at the India Mobile Congress. India Mobile Congress will be organized at Pragati Maidan in Delhi. At the same time, doubts on America’s aviation issue regarding 5G service have also been cleared up. After the study on this matter, the Ministry of Telecom issued a statement saying that there will be no problem in the country on this matter.

A study was done at IIT Madras regarding this problem. According to the IIT study, the problem caused in America due to the gap will not arise in India. Let us know how this service will benefit you.

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  • Fast internet service, you will be able to download high quality videos, photos and documents in seconds.
  • In 5G service, the modem will support 1 million communication devices in 1 square kilometer.
  • 5G service will be 10 times faster than 4G service.
  • 5G service will bring a new revolution in 3D hologram calling, metaverse and education applications.

The hologram will be the revolution
5G service will turn out to be a revolution. A big change can be seen in education, health and emergency services in remote areas thanks to holograms. Whether it’s conferences in remote areas or information about health services, or any emergency, thanks to this, contact and exchange of information can be done easily.

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