A cell phone explodes in flames as a man repairs it, no one is injured; watch the viral video here

There are many cases of cellphone explosions around the world, but there have been cases where these devices have also saved lives.

Chilling footage of a cellphone exploding in flames as a worker repairs the device has surfaced online. The stunning video from Vietnam shows the moment a mobile phone battery suddenly burst into flames. Fortunately, the worker was unharmed and no one else was injured from the explosion.

The short clip, which shocked many people, has been viewed over 4,000 times on YouTube so far.


The incident happened at a mobile repair shop in Thai Nguyen in Vietnam on November 5.
In the seven-second video, the worker was repairing the cellphone, a loud explosion occurred. In a split second, the cell phone battery ignited, forcing the worker to scramble to remove it. It was a narrow loophole for unidentified worker because he was barefoot and sitting very close to the cell phone while he was fixing it.

The video shows the worker, who was wearing eye protection, throwing the burning cellphone on the ground. Another mobile workshop worker also quickly retreated after hearing the explosion.
The video, which has gone viral, was recently shared by YouTube channel ViralHog. The caption of the video reads,

“The worker was fixing the phone when the phone battery exploded. Luckily no one was injured.”
The viral video also received some interesting comments. Some users said it was lucky the phone didn’t explode in the owner’s pocket. Others thought that the device probably had issues with the battery.

Many viewers were happy that the barefoot worker emerged unscathed. They also praised the worker’s presence of mind.

There are many cases of cell phone explosions around the world, but there have been cases where these devices have also saved lives.

Recently, a man from Brazil was shot dead during a robbery but the bullet did not hurt him. How? ‘Or’ What? He was saved thanks to his cell phone. His five-year-old mobile phone suffered most of the bullet impact. Interestingly, the cellphone had Hulk coverage, which made the incident go viral on social media.


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