A man with an illicit mobile phone tried to flee from the police

A CONVICTED sex offender who fled and threw a cell phone when police called broke a strict court order.

Reece Weaver, 22, was originally convicted in 2017 of possessing and distributing indecent images of children and extreme pornographic images.

As part of his punishment, Weaver was placed on a Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO).

This imposed a number of strict conditions on his freedom and online use, including a ban on having internet-enabled cellphones that he had not disclosed to the police.

This order was made to run for five years, and for most of that time Weaver encountered no difficulty.

But on December 17 last year, Weaver’s ex-partner made a report to the police.

“She revealed he had a video on a phone that should have been internet enabled in order to send that video,” prosecutor Gerard Rogerson told Carlisle Crown Court.

Police attended the Whitehaven address. “Mr Weaver ran through the kitchen, out a side door and into the garden adjacent to an area of ​​public land separated by a fence,” Mr Rogerson said.

A search of the area the following day revealed an abandoned iPhone.

Analysis showed that still and moving images were sent from the device to the woman, while Weaver also accessed a Facebook account.

Both acts were breaches of the SHPO – which was due to expire next month – and were admitted by Weaver, of Newlands Gardens, Workington.

Judith McCullough, defending, highlighted the positive progress that had been made by the defendant.

“There are signs of a desire for change,” Ms McCullough said. “Perhaps he is a young man who needs help to move forward on the path that he himself has already started.

“He in no way seeks to shirk responsibility for these offences.”

Nothing “harmful” was found on the device, the court heard.

Recorder Philip Grundy imposed a three-year community order that included attendance at a sex offender treatment course and other rehabilitative measures.

“It’s confusing for this court to ask why there were these breaches,” the judge said, aware that the order will expire on April 4.

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