assam : Recruitment review : Assam to shut down mobile internet today in 25 districts to curb cheating

As the government of Assam is set to hold the recruitment exam to fill 30,000 government positions in various departments, which is by far the largest recruitment campaign in the state, mobile internet services will remain suspended around the exam centers during exam hours to avoid any untoward. incident.

About 14 lakh candidates will appear for the exams.

Internet services will not be available within 100 meters of the examination center.

The first phase of the review to fill the Grade III and IV positions is due to take place today, followed by August 28 and September 11.

In addition, Section 144 of the CrPC is being enacted in some locations where exams are to be held, and strict security measures have been taken at each exam center.

Earlier this week, the Chief Minister of Assam, Himanta Biswa Sarma held a virtual meeting with the Deputy Commissioners and other stakeholders to ensure the smooth running of the reviews.

He told DC there should be no complacency, which could compromise the sanctity of the exam.

He also asked the DCs and SPs to be ready with their men and equipment to prevent unscrupulous elements from disrupting the review process.

There will be a nodal officer in each of the 25 districts where the exams are going to take place and government officials will also be brought into action for each examination center as observers to ensure that the SOPs are properly carried out and to satisfactorily performed.

In addition, a sub-inspector level police officer will be deployed to each exam center who will be assisted by other police personnel.

Candidates and invigilators will be prohibited from bringing cell phones or any other electronic gadget into the examination centers.

The center responsible for each exam center will hire two videographers to film all relevant events at the exam centres.

No candidate will be allowed to re-enter the test center after the end of the exam for that particular shift.

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