Bangladesh: 5th worst mobile internet service in the world: Ookla

A file photo shows a man browsing the internet on his cell phone in Dhaka. Bangladesh was ranked fifth among the worst countries for mobile internet speed in a latest report from Ookla, a global leader in mobile and broadband network intelligence, application testing and technology. – Photo New Age

Bangladesh was ranked fifth among the worst countries for mobile internet speed in a latest report released by Ookla, a global leader in mobile and broadband network intelligence, application testing and technology.

In the Ookla World Speedtest Index for the month of December 2020, Bangladesh ranked 135th out of 139 countries followed by the global tech company.

The speed of mobile internet in none of the South Asian countries except Afghanistan has been found to be lower than the speed of mobile internet in Bangladesh.

Apart from Afghanistan, only users in Sudan, Palestine and Venezuela had lower mobile internet speeds than Bangladesh.

Cell phone users in Pakistan and Nepal received almost double the internet speed compared to users in Bangladesh.

Although the government and the Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission have urged mobile operators to improve the quality of their internet services, the speed of mobile internet in the country has remained low as the government plans to take the initiative in the global context of launching and benefiting from 5G telecommunications service.

Internet speed has become a major factor as the world gradually embraces the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Internet speed and latency, the delay before data transfer begins as a result of a transfer instruction, would create an advantage for a country in adopting the technologies that would be necessary for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The latest report showed that cell phone users nationwide received internet speeds of 10.64 Mbps while telecom operators in Qatar provided speeds of up to 178.01 Mbps to their customers.

Mobile Internet speed in Qatar tops the global ranking of Ookla’s World Speedtest Index, while the global average mobile Internet download speed was 47.20 Mbps compared to a speed of 12.67 Mbps download, according to Ookla’s monthly report for December 2020.

In terms of download speed, Bangladesh mobile network operators were providing internet speeds at a rate of 7.25 Mbps while the global average was 12.67 Mbps.

As of December 2019, the upload speed and download speed of mobile internet in Bangladesh were 10.8 Mbps and 7.76 Mbps respectively.

Among the countries of South Asia, internet speeds in India, Pakistan and Nepal were 12.91 Mbps, 18.42 Mbps and 18.42 Mbps, respectively.

In terms of broadband speed, Ookla ranked Bangladesh 97th out of 176 countries with its upload and download speeds recorded at 32.94 Mbps and 33.18 Mbps respectively, while the global average upload and download speeds downloads were recorded at 96.43 Mbps and 52.31 Mbps respectively.

Admitting the poor quality of services provided by telecom operators, BTRC chairman Shyam Sunder Sikder, during a press briefing in January 2021, said the volume of spectrum used by operators was one of the main reasons for poor quality.

In Bangladesh, telecom operators use 0.82 megahertz spectrum to serve one million customers while operators in Australia use 12.3 megahertz spectrum to serve the same number of customers, he said.

Driven by the poor internet speed and poor quality of service of the country’s mobile operators, the BTRC has launched broader QoS tests across the country and calls on telecom operators to improve their services based on test reports.

Amid the poor quality of existing services, the telecommunications regulator drafted regulatory and licensing guidelines for the country’s cellular mobile services to facilitate the launch of 5G mobile phone service in January 2021.

Around 400 telecom operators in 129 countries or territories are investing in the 5G network with the service already launched by 96 operators in different countries, according to data from Raconteur Media, a London-based independent publisher of content of special interest to some of the leaders. global brands.

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