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For more than three decades, the annual Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona has been the place to discover the latest mobile technologies, from phones to tablets. And after a sabbatical year in 2020 and a small delayed release in 2021, the conference returned this year – slightly muted but full of innovations in virtual reality and fintech, as well as bigger, brighter and foldable screens.

This year, Billboard presented awards to the most impressive new products that are essential, innovative, or just plain awesome to music fans and industry leaders. Winners included a powerful phone and a flexible tablet, but also cool uses for existing tech most people don’t know they need – glasses with speakers, a Bluetooth-enabled meat thermometer, and a treat. powered by phone for bug bites (really).

Below are the winners of Billboardof the first Best of MWC Awards.

BEST PHONE – Honor Magic 4 Pro, with 3 Pro headphones

This sleek new phone from Honor, the Chinese handset maker spun off from telecommunications giant Huawei, is packed with the latest tech: a 1312 x 2848 pixel infinity display, a quarter terabyte of storage and 100-watt fast charging capability. . It also has a 50-megapixel “Eye of Muse” camera with a flicker sensor and a laser focusing system that’s perfect for wide shots, as well as zooming in. more video. Music fans will want to pair it with the company’s Earbuds 3 Pro, which feature dual-driver speakers and noise cancellation, but also an in-ear temperature sensor designed to gather information about health.

MateBook E
Courtesy of Huawei

BEST LAPTOP/TABLET — Huawei Matebook E

Is the Matebook E a tablet that folds into a laptop or a laptop that folds into a tablet? The answer is yes – and with less compromise than you might think. The tablet, which comes with the Huawei M-Pencil, offers convenience, portability and audio-video capability – and quad microphones and good speakers make it ideal for music. But the device also runs Windows 11, with a keyboard that looks more like a real laptop than an accessory. And the device comes with a solid and satisfying click.

Fauna audio glasses
Courtesy of Wildlife


Want great sound without that in-ear feel of headphones or the “don’t talk to me” vibe of on-ear headphones? Try the Fauna audio goggles – yes, really – which have high-quality MEMS speakers that deliver remarkably good sound that’s surprisingly inaudible to others. They are great for taking calls, as well as listening to music. (The company offers blue light glasses and sunglasses, and the lenses can be replaced with prescription lenses.) Sound is clear – it’s less personal than headphones but more intimate than a speakerphone . And the glasses, made by an Austrian company, are probably bulky. Now is the time to dance.


Lossless audio is finally mainstream, but most phones can’t handle transmitting it over Bluetooth. Snapdragon Sound makes sure lossless stays that way. It is not a product, but rather a technology specification that handset makers and other companies can license in order to integrate products. Snapdragon Sound is designed for premium 24-bit, 96kHz high-resolution music. It also synchronizes audio with video, which can be vital for video games.

Huawei Sound Joy
Sound joy
Courtesy of Huawei


Portable wireless audio is no longer new – or, in most cases, all the more impressive. But the Huawei Sound Joy combines best-in-class sound with portability (it’s a pound and a half shaped like a water bottle), durability (it can withstand a dip in a meter of water ) and a form factor that’s more beach day than audio lab. Technology from French audio company Devialet aligns the speakers, for solid sound even from a single speaker, and two Sound Joy units can be paired by shaking them. The real joy is in the design, with a woven mesh that makes it easy and comfortable to grip, plus obvious controls for a beach blanket.

heat it up
Heat It Insect Bite Treatment
Heat it up

MOST PRACTICAL – Heat It Insect Bite Treatment

This year’s MWC was filled with awesome but not quite there technologies, from virtual reality products that could change the world to fintech products that will make it more practical – but maybe not this year. So it was nice to see a product that solves a problem most of us actually have, easily and inexpensively. Heat This is a device less than half the size of a lighter that treats itching caused by insect bites by generating a brief burst of heat. (Heat does not prevent bites or make them go away, but it has been shown to stop itching to a significant extent.) The device is designed to fit on a key ring and can be removed and plugged in on a phone (choose between iPhone and Android) and controlled by an app. Heat It is already available in Germany and the device is awaiting FDA approval in the US Essential for outdoor festivals this summer.

USELESS BUT AWESOME – Meater Plus with Bluetooth Repeater

MEATER Plus with Bluetooth repeater

There are meat thermometers and meat thermometers with Bluetooth repeaters that have a range of 50 meters so you can watch your barbecue from anywhere in the house. The Meater Plus with Bluetooth Repeater is the latter, of course. It comes with a guided cooking system (for tips) and an advanced estimation algorithm (to predict cooking time). And if you want

keep an eye on your grill while you’re getting ready for a gig – or even across town – the device even connects to the “Meater Cloud”. Cloud technology is not limited to work.

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