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Los Altos resident Allison J. Taylor was thinking about cybersecurity long before the pandemic. Suffering from severe pneumonia, she was knocked out for three months.

“Three hours is a long time for me – three months is exceptional,” she said.

Taking so much time away from her marketing, coaching and consulting business, Thought

Marketing LLC, gave Taylor time to take stock.

“I realized, ‘OK, I really haven’t done things systemically, and the bigger impact things, I have to reorient myself,'” she said. “And that made me make a lot of changes in my life.”

About a year after returning to work, as she was considering how she could use her expertise and business experience to help others, she met Sherri Douville at a board training event. . Douville, a resident of Los Gatos, ran a health care business.

“His perspective is that every nine minutes someone loses their life because of late news, which immediately affected me,” Taylor said of Douville.

For example, a patient may walk into a hospital with blood pressure issues, so the doctor texts a stroke specialist to determine if the problem is a stroke or something else. If the stroke specialist is unable to react in time, the patient could suffer brain damage within minutes.

Taylor began working with Douville’s company, Medigram, an instant messaging app that Douville describes as a “medical-grade WhatsApp.”

Douville said the purpose of his book and Medigram are fundamentally the same: to tackle one of the leading causes of preventable death – late information. Douville developed the idea of ​​writing a book that would bring together all the different voices in the health field on ways to improve mobile communications. She asked Taylor to contribute to the cybersecurity section of the book.


“Seven in the morning every Thursday we would all phone and have really engaging conversations,” Taylor recalls of the process. “Through these conversations, I learned a lot.”

According to Douville, in addition to contributing to his chapter on cybersecurity, Taylor “orchestrated the messaging strategy” and marketing plan that led to the book’s listing on Amazon.

bestseller list for the latest in medical technology and medical informatics.

For Taylor, the resulting book, “Mobile Medicine: Overcoming People, Culture, and Governance,” is essential for two reasons.

First, its interdisciplinary chapters address the health system holistically. She described her own area, cybersecurity, as “intrinsic to five other issues”. Concerns ranging from cybersecurity to patient privacy and legal compliance “are at stake as to why this poor doctor can’t just do his job,” Taylor noted.

Second, unlike academic research, the book provides specific guidance on how hospital administrators and other healthcare workers can optimize their organizations’ use of mobile technology, which Taylor says can be especially useful for residents of Los Altos.

“One of the things I love about this city is that the people are very inspiring. They are well read, well resourced,” she said. “I think there are layers of leadership in Los Altos. I totally think this is relevant to filling knowledge gaps.

Beyond those in leadership positions, Taylor said the book can help cultivate empathy not only for frontline healthcare workers, but also for others facing the stress of high-stakes health care. healthcare, especially as the pandemic has caused cybersecurity threats to skyrocket.

mobile medicine

Los Altos resident Allison J. Taylor, below, contributed a chapter on cybersecurity to “Mobile medicine”.

Taylor also has practical advice for patients: speak up when you have concerns about cybersecurity and ask your healthcare team how you can help doctors use mobile communications.

“Don’t just bring it up as a problem – say, ‘Can I do something as a patient to help you give me better care? Taylor advised. “Because hearing it from the patient’s perspective, it really helps the organization prioritize safety.”

With a book (chapter) under her belt, Taylor is working on writing a book on product management.

“Mobile Medicine” is available on Amazon.

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