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Today is a new dawn for the mobile services industry, mainly Boost Mobile. Mobile services will no longer rely solely on subscription-based platforms, as they have done in the past, to generate revenue. Boost Mobile seeks to give back to its customer base outside of contracted service.

Boost Mobile mixes it with the BoostOne app

If there was ever a time to use a cross-platform strategy to beat inflation and give back, Boost Mobile has picked up the slack and run with it. Owned by Dish Network, as of 2020 Boost Mobile seeks to provide best-in-class mobile phone service to its 9 million customers.

Now they’re looking to fight inflation and help their customer base by offering consumers a way to earn free mobile service through their brand new BoostOne app. Backed by blockchain technology and “Boost coins”, users can download the app and play digital games like “Spin and Win”.

Boost takes a whole new approach to wireless phone service billing by allowing customers to use digital games to earn cryptocurrency in “Boost Coins”. They can then apply these coins to their bill and clear it completely.

Here’s the breakdown of how it works

Once you download the new BoostOne app, you will be given options to watch ads and play simple games that will save you pennies on your bill with each ad and game. If you are very active on mobile gaming scene and you like to spend a lot of time on your phone, this is a great way to save money that you can use elsewhere because you won’t need it for your phone bill.

This first-of-its-kind approach to wireless billing adds a manageable and fun new way for customers to lower their wireless bills and apply those savings to other areas as the economy struggles to rein in inflation.

“This represents an exciting new business model and a stepping stone into the future for wireless consumers,” said Stephen Stokols, executive vice president of wireless retail at DISH Network. “Most telcos rely on subscription models, but it’s time to move beyond the old ways and embrace proven digital models that are popular in other industries.”

Stokols is not wrong. In 2020, driven by the pandemic, mobile games reached $77.2 billion in sales and recorded a 12% increase in the number of players. Mobile games advertisers also increased by 9% to 60,000, almost a quarter of mobile advertisers at 24%.

take a leash

With this new platform, mobile services will work in tandem with Web3 technology in blockchain Boost coins, allowing customers to purchase phones on the Boost network, purchase third-party merchandise, and enable customers to exchange Boostcoins with other customers. Offers like this can significantly reduce mobile phone service costs for teenage families, and young users can spend a considerable amount of time playing games and watching videos.

The ability to gift coins to other Boost customers is a new feature that other mobile apps don’t always offer. This concept will undoubtedly add a new and improved dynamic to the mobile phone service industry. Hopefully, this will be the one that other mobile providers will follow to adapt their service plans.

The future of mobile services

As costs continue to rise across the globe and inflation has a constant impact on everyday purchases, keeping your cell phone service can feel like adding extra weight around your neck. Families are starting to look to cut and reduce unnecessary expenses, and cell phone service can easily be on the chopping block if companies can’t reach out.

Boost Mobile is the first mobile service company to find fun, interactive and valuable ways to earn money off customer bills and can potentially wipe out the entire month’s charges. This merger of mobile services, games and cryptocurrency has ushered in new ideas, new perspectives and enormous potential for growth.

As companies look to innovate, meshing Web3 technology with crypto and other decentralized finance options, looking for ways to provide cross-platform variation, especially in mobile apps, will be the future. Any company that cannot seamlessly merge these technologies and industries will quickly be left behind by those who can embrace the future of internet-based concepts.

As the first mobile services company to lay the groundwork for making changes to cross-platform capabilities, Boost and DISH Network will be the innovators to watch as Web3 and blockchain technology take a greater hold and plunge experiences. users in what Web3 can accomplish. . And as businesses begin to embrace the new age of the internet, more and more advancements in cross-platform and cross-platform offerings will begin to emerge from the woods. It’s an exciting time for Boost and technology companies around the world.

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