Can a cell phone be tracked when turned off? Is it possible?

Tracking your smartphone when it is on is a simple and straightforward task. If your phone is connected to the Internet, it only takes a few steps to find out its exact location. This process can get a bit tricky if your phone is turned off or not connected to the internet. Although it may be difficult to locate your phone in this scenario, it is not impossible. Most services still let you know the last tracked location of your device when it was still on. In this article, we show you how to track your cell phone when it is turned off.

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If you’re signed in to your phone using a Google account, you can track your phone’s last known location even when it’s turned off. Your phone must be connected to the Internet to use this service. Simply log in to Find my device web page and sign in using your Google account. Your device will be tracked and if it is connected to the internet, its exact location will be revealed. If your phone is turned off, Find My Device will show you the last known location of your device before it lost connection to the internet.

find my iphone

find my iphone

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If you are an iPhone user, you can sign in to iCloud using a web browser and track your iPhone location using find my iphone. If your phone is turned off, select “Lost Mode” and Find My iPhone will show you the last known location of your device. You can also remotely lock your iPhone using this feature.

Find your smartphone using the IMEI number

Each smartphone comes with its own unique IMEI number. This number can be used to track your device if it is lost or stolen. Your device does not need to be connected to the internet to be tracked using the IMEI. All you have to do is file a complaint with the police and they will monitor your phone using the IMEI. As soon as your phone establishes a network connection with the carrier, its location will be triangulated using the nearest cell tower. Even if your phone’s SIM card is changed, it can still be tracked using its IMEI number.

Can my phone be tracked even when it’s turned off?

It’s highly unlikely that your phone will be actively tracked when it’s turned off, but it is possible. Some authorities are known to use Trojans and other malware to track the phones of certain suspects. These Trojans can allow a device to emit a signal even when it is turned off. The signal can be used to track the location of the phone. This process is extremely unethical and is only used in very rare conditions. So while it’s technically possible that your phone is being tracked when it’s turned off, it’s highly unlikely that it actually is.

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This is how you can track your cell phone when it is turned off. You can use Find My Device and Find My iPhone to remotely wipe all data on your device if it is lost or stolen. Regular phones can only be tracked using their IMEI. In any case, it is advisable to file a complaint with the police in the event of loss of your telephone.

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