Cell phone museum with more than 2,000 cell phones since 1984

You will soon be able to enjoy more than 2,000 cell phones, the oldest dating from 1984, online in a virtual museum.


Cell Phone Museum
It will go live according to its own information on November 23, 2021. Then it is supposed to offer one of the largest collections of cellphones in the world. With over 2000 mobile phones from over 200 manufacturers. The creators of the museum want to keep in mind the enormous importance of cell phones. Vodafone is sponsoring the Mobile Museum for the next five years.


The virtual museum is scheduled to open on November 23, 2021.

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The oldest models are said to date from 1984. The collection aims to show the complete history of cell phones from their inception to the present day. In addition to the permanent online exhibit, the managers – Ben Wood and Matt Chatterley – are also planning a pop-up exhibit on site.

The museum still lacks some interesting models. “Wanted” phones that are not yet included in the kit,

You can see here.
If you have this old “bone” or another and would like to be available, you can contact the museum.

You can find the form and associated contact details here.

It’s sexy too

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Rare cell phone models from the early days of the mobile phone are shown time and time again.

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