Dish’s Boost Resurrects Ad-Supported Mobile Service – Again; + more notable news

Personally, I think Verizon’s “Disney+ Free” largely backs them up. Netflix is ​​so huge that it’s probably hard to separate their subscriber numbers into those who pay and those who get it through T-Mobile. But despite my moral opposition to paying for anything Disney-related, my hand was forced by the family. I suspect that most people who qualify for “Disney+ Free” through Verizon sign up whether they want to use it or not. And that always increases the number of Disney subscribers, even if those subscribers don’t pay full price subscriptions. If they both posted subscriber revenue, I bet Netflix easily beats them.

If I could choose any other streaming service to pay for Verizon, be it Netflix, HBO Max or Apple TV+ (which I don’t know why they don’t since they already offer Apple Arcade and Apple Music with their plans); I would take any of them on Disney. I know I’m probably in the minority here, but I’d much rather have ATV+ for The Morning Show, For All Man Kind, and Friday Night Baseball than all the cartoons Disney+ has to offer.

To be completely honest, I’d rather they just gave me $10/month back and didn’t offer any “free” streaming subscriptions.

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