Disrupted mobile phone services on the way to full recovery

The chairman of major Japanese mobile operator KDDI said the company was working to fully restore services, but did not mention the exact timing. KDDI’s mobile “au” service was disrupted early Saturday morning, making it impossible to make voice calls or access the internet.

KDDI Chairman Takahashi Makoto told reporters on Sunday morning that recovery work was completed around 11 a.m. in its western Japan service area and is expected to be completed around 5:30 p.m. in its Japan service area. east of Japan.

Takahashi said his company will decide later when the services will be fully available.

The president said he recognizes that this is a serious incident under the country’s relevant laws and will take appropriate action after quickly restoring services.

KDDI estimates the disruption affected up to 39.15 million users. The outage also affected users of UQ mobile and povo, who use KDDI’s network. Logistics and many aspects of people’s lives have also been disrupted.

Communications Minister Kaneko Yasushi told reporters on Sunday he was taking the incident seriously.

He said the telecommunications problem made it difficult to respond to some emergency calls, which is an essential function that protects people’s lives and property.

The minister said it was particularly serious at a time when the risks of coronavirus and heat stroke are increasing and a tropical storm is approaching the Japanese archipelago.

He said it could constitute a serious incident under the Telecommunications Business Act. He said his ministry would take necessary action after receiving an official report from KDDI.

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