Engineer caught recording Laal Singh Chaddha on his cell phone

Media entertainment house member caught 30-year-old engineer recording Aamir Khan’s star Laal Singh Chaddha for a hacking site.

However, Banaswadi Police have yet to come to a conclusion on the motive as the record has been deleted and they have now sent the cellphone to FSL to retrieve the data.

On Friday, Suryavamshi R., a representative of Viacom 18, filed a complaint with Banaswadi Police Station against suspect Jebastephenraj J. after he was caught recording the movie in a cinema.

The plaintiff alleged that the defendant was part of the organized crime syndicate operating to upload and distribute pirated movies and other content on apps and social media.

These pirate websites cause huge losses to producers, content owners and creators due to their illegal acts, the plaintiff said.

Recently, as part of a preventative action to combat content piracy and counterfeiting, Viacom18 obtained injunctions from the Madras High Court against a host of over 12,000 specified websites/links, cable operators specified, internet service providers as well as unknown persons preventing them from infringing Laal Singh Chaddha or part thereof by copying, recording, reproducing, distributing or downloading etc. in any way without the proper permission of the film’s producer(s).

The police are, however, awaiting reports from the FSL to determine Jebastephenraj’s exact role. Currently, he has been booked under the Copyright Law and the Cinematography Law and has been released on bail.

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