Every mobile phone interaction generates valuable data for marketers: Ankit Prasad

Voice, visual and text conversations on smartphones are getting richer every day, thanks to technological advances and artificial intelligence. The tiny buttons on cellphone keyboards that you press often to order food from Swiggy or buy a pair of jeans from Amazon are big data mines for tech companies developing smarter apps like pop-up recommendations for autofill, relevant emojis, GIFs, stickers among others.

“Keyboards play a crucial role in mobile phones. All apps require keyboard functions, whether you’re shopping on Amazon, ordering food on Zomato, searching for something on Google, or downloading an app from the App Store. Every interaction on a mobile phone generates valuable data. Marketers can leverage this proprietary, powerful and crucial data to gain actionable insights for their next advertising and marketing campaigns, ” Ankit Prasad – Bobble AI Founder and CEO said, emphasizing the importance of keystrokes in user data collection and usage. Prasad was talking about the “advertising and marketing superpowers of a humble conversation” at e4m’s big “Maddies 2021” event held at ITC Maratha, Mumbai on Friday.

Bobble AI is a multimedia conversation platform that uses artificial intelligence to create personalized content for mobile keyboards, enriching user conversations with expressive and personalized content, including stickers, GIFs and emojis, location in-depth with over 100 languages, contextual recommendations, text etc. The company provides its innovative AI-based applications to smartphone manufacturers.

Prasad explained further: “On average, a user spends 3.5 hours a day on their mobile phone, of which 30 minutes are used on keyboards. Users unlock their screen 400 times a day, and the keypad is opened an average of 120 times. Using data from 65 million users for our technological innovations, we empower expressions, enable locations, and make your conversions extremely smart.

“This is the first time in the world that a company has been able to connect consumer information in real time to a smartphone chat platform. AI-based predictive audience segmentation based on in-depth smartphone data can be used to intelligently predict the likelihood of consumers to use the services ”, Prasad noted.

He added that the company is fully compliant with the Data Protection Act (GDPR) while collecting user data for marketing campaigns.“Brands use keyboard stickers and emojis to explain their story to millions of their customers in an emotional way. With millions of conversations taking place on the apps, users can become brand ambassadors ”, Prasad added, calling on marketers to use those billions of conversations to amplify their campaign and convert consumers into brand ambassadors.

Urge marketers to view consumers in general as influencers, Prasad Said, “One may not be an actor like Shah Rukh Khan with millions of followers, but in his or her own limited capacity, he or she can influence 40-50 people in the network who trust him. Millions of people are already talking about their favorite brands in WhatsApp groups. Now, its marketers empower them to become brand ambassadors. “

Based on Gurugram Prasad began its session by paying homage to the martyrs of the terrorist attack of 26/11 which took place in Mumbai in 2008. On how Bobble AI was designed in his mind, Prasad explained, “About 20 years ago when I was in school, SMS chats made our nights colorful. Old school romance was all over text. When I went to college, Facebook and Messenger became the main communication platforms. From planning a party to sharing party photos, it’s all taken over to Facebook and Messenger. I had to drop out of IIT Delhi in third year of BTech due to absenteeism.

“Then I created a LinkedIn account with the dream of becoming an entrepreneur one day. I entered into discussions and debates with professional experts on relevant topics. Then, discussions started on Twitter on hot topics. Meanwhile, all conversations including business conversations have been transferred to Whatsapp. These conversations on different platforms on mobile phones are the main reasons that Bobble AI came into being. It aimed to create a holistic conversational media platform enhancing user experience using artificial intelligence (AI) ”, Prasad further noted, telling viewers about his journey from a college dropout to a successful entrepreneur.

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