Failing mobile service for Armstrong Creek residents

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Mobile phone service in Armstrong Creek, Warralily and Mt Duneed is lacking for residents, according to Corangamite MP Libby Coker.

Ms Coker held a virtual community meeting with Shadow Minister of Communications Michelle Rowland last week, where more than 80 Armstrong Creek residents raised concerns.

It followed a petition launched by Ms Coker for the improvement of mobile services, which had been signed by more than 400 people.

“Finally attendance [week]The meeting just reflected the level of frustration. It felt like I was opening a hornet’s nest as one story after another came out about cell phone breakdowns, ”Ms. Coker said.

She said the pandemic had exacerbated the problem as many people were now working from home or from home with unreliable or no mobile connectivity.

“For some people, it was more than just frustrating; it was a matter of life and death, ”Ms. Coker said.

“A woman shared her moving story of a medical emergency where her husband collapsed in need of an ambulance.

“Hearing instructions over the phone from a triple zero paramedic while waiting for the ambulance was impossible. The woman, a neighbor and a bricklayer who worked across the road all tried unsuccessfully to get usable coverage on their phones.

“It is telling that all of them were on different mobile networks, so all three networks failed their customers.

Fortunately, the husband has arrived at the hospital and is now well. But the couple live in fear of a recurrence.

“My office has been receiving complaints for some time about poor cell phone coverage and frequent call interruptions around Armstrong Creek and Mount Duneed.

“Often people can only get coverage in front of their house or in a particular room. Some streets appear to be “dead” zones for coverage, while the rest of the suburbs are covered.

“My own phone calls are often interrupted as I drive through Armstrong Creek on official business. It’s frustrating and it shouldn’t be in such a rapidly populated urban area.

“It is clear that the problem is serious and widespread. Telecom operators are failing to keep up with the region’s population and housing growth and the resulting demand for mobile services. “

Ms Coker said telecom operators need to speed up the deployment of mobile towers to better serve Armstrong Creek.

“Not only do we need to find solutions to Armstrong Creek’s problems, but we need to make sure that ‘cell phone catching up’ doesn’t become an issue for other areas of urban growth,” she said. .

“Better forward planning is crucial.

“I will take people’s individual concerns directly to the management of the Big Three mobile operators and raise the broader issues in parliament.

“It is important to note that the federal government must have a strong policy that translates into better mobile services for local communities. “

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