Four Greek destinations among the best spots in Europe with the fastest mobile internet speeds

Four Greek destinations – Athens, Nafplion, Santorini and Heraklion – are among the best holiday destinations in Europe that offer fastest mobile internet speedsAccording to a survey recently published by Ok soa provider of network intelligence and connectivity information.

Ookla’s analysis of mobile internet performance includes 50 popular destinations across the continent. The company has divided these towns and cities into four categories likely to appeal to different types of travelers: big cities, the beach, cultural havens and forest getaways. Next, it compared Speedtest Intelligence data for median download speeds and cross-server latency in each category for Q2 2022.

Athens’ internet performance as exciting as its lifestyle

capital of Greece, Athensranked 10th on Ookla’s list of “big cities with Internet performance as exciting as lifestyle” with a median download speed of 59.92 Mbps during the second quarter.

OsloNorway tops the list with a median download speed of 156.99 Mbps over the same period.

Two other Nordic cities complete the top three with stockholmSweden, posting a median download speed of 136.74 Mbps and CopenhagenDenmark, arriving at 133.16 Mbps.

Where internet speeds are suitable for ‘beach life’

Ookla’s “beach life” list included two Greek destinations: Nafplio in the Peloponnese ranked 10th in Q2, with a median internet speed of 60.54 Mbps and the popular island of Santorini came in 12th with a median speed of 56.66 Mbps.

BiarritzFrance and Korculain Croatia, had the fastest median download speeds on Ookla’s Beach Life list during the second quarter, at 155.65 Mbps and 133.67 Mbps, respectively.

VarnaBulgaria and FaroPortugal, rounded out the top four at 104.00 Mbps and 101.74 Mbps, respectively.

Heraklion offers research-ready internet speeds

Heraklion in Crete was on Ookla’s list of “Cultural Havens with Research-Ready Internet Speeds”.

The city ranked ninth on the list with a median mobile download speed of 63.35 Mbps.

TromsoNorway topped the list with a median download speed of 251.52 Mbps in Q2, nearly 2.3 times faster than Q2 amsterdam in the Nederlands.

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