Genode OS Framework 22.08 with enhancements for mobile phone OS ambitions

Genode OS as an open source operating system framework based on microkernel abstraction layer and set of user space components has come out with its latest feature release. A big goal of this cycle has been to make Genode OS more practical as a smartphone operating system.

Genode OS with its general purpose operating system SculptOS aims to function as a mobile phone operating system. In particular, much of the work to date has focused on getting Genode OS/Sculpt to work properly on the PinePhone.

In Genode OS 22.08 release announcement this morning they wrote:

The vision of a Genode-based smartphone is certainly our most ambitious endeavor since we created Sculpt OS for PC. For the past two years, we have relentlessly pursued this vision while targeting PinePhone hardware. The scope of work extends from custom firmware for the system control processor, to kernel development, a staggering variety of device drivers, to the user interface and application level. With Genode 22.08, these efforts result in a first complete system – a phone variant of Sculpt OS.

Genode OS with its work Sculpt OS for mobile has been using voice calling functionality, mobile internet browsing with Morph, and more. They have been working on various low level hardware support improvements to run on the PinePhone as well as stack improvements to ensure applications work.

As part of the hardware work, they also ported the open-source Arm Mali 400 Lima driver from Linux to Genode. They have the basic GLMark2 test case running with GPU acceleration and their Lima driver support will enhance their Morph web browser experience.

Genode OS shows porting Ubuntu Touch UI to run on Genode.

More details on Genode OS 22.08 working to get up on mobile can be found via the project release notes.

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