Google shuts down Chrome Lite mode thanks to cheaper mobile internet

Source: Pocketnow

Google launched Data Saver in 2015, and since then it has been renamed to Lite mode. Data saver features were very popular a few years ago. Chrome kept the feature in the mobile browser version because it offered significantly faster speeds and load times, even on bad or slow connections.

Cellular data has become increasingly affordable in recent years, and Craig, a Chrome support manager, announced that Google will soon be ending Chrome Lite mode in Chrome version 100 for mobile. Chrome’s next major web browser feature will not have the functionality built-in, and it will remove all data saving tools and methods (via AndroidPolice).

Google has seen the price of mobile data come down in many countries around the world, and it thinks there won’t be any problem removing the feature as it’s no longer relevant and needed in most places. While this is true, it remains to be seen how well equipped the browser is to deal with slow connections and loading speeds. In the blog post, Craig mentions that Chrome is always switched to ensure that the browser can provide fast loading web pages on mobile.

If you rely heavily on Lite mode and other data-saving techniques offered by Google, you can still enable data saver on most Android devices, and other browsers, such as Opera, will offer always functionality or similar methods to save data. Alternatively, if you are not yet ready for the change, you can decide not to update to Chrome version 100, but it should be kept in mind that each new version contains important bug fixes, most of which also contain patches that prevent malicious code from infecting your device.

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