Government plans 100 mobile phone towers in tourist spots

The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications plans to build 100 mobile phone and internet service antennas in the country’s tourist areas to provide quality phone and internet services to tourists.

Chea Vandeth, Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, spoke about the project during a press conference at the Council of Ministers on Thursday.

He said that 100 sites for the construction of antenna towers have already been identified in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Tourism.

“The ministry will spend about $10 million to build 100 antennas at tourist sites,” he said.

“We will continue to build more antennas to promote remote areas to have mobile phone and internet services,” he added.

The ministry will discuss with mobile and Internet operators to equip their equipment on the antennas to be built, he said.

The project was carried out under the instructions of Prime Minister Hun Sen.

According to the minister, the task force will visit more than 100 antenna sites next week.

There are 45 telecommunications providers in Cambodia and five of them are mobile service providers – Smart, Cellcard, Viettel, Cootel and SeaTel.

The number of Internet subscribers in Cambodia jumped to 17.8 million in August this year, surpassing the country’s total population of 16 million, according to the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications.

About 17.48 million people are subscribed to mobile internet service and 312,233 to fixed internet service, the ministry said.

“Internet browsing has increased in Cambodia, which contributes to the development of e-commerce,” he said.

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