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Digital transformation has been actively and seriously accelerated across Africa, with more companies and organizations than ever investing time, money and skills to achieve this goal.

This has been pushed even further by the effects of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the World Bank, sub-Saharan Africa has been hit hardest by the economic impact of COVID-19, with an estimated 23 million people in the region expected to fall into poverty as a result of the pandemic.

However, there are regions in Africa that this transformation has struggled to achieve due to a long history of digital exclusion extended even before the pandemic. In these rural areas, the adoption of digital technologies and devices can make a tangible difference for the communities that inhabit them, including through the sharing of educational materials and digital infrastructure.

That’s why the Kenya-based NGO and UK-based charity Haller Foundation launched the Haller Farmers app, a platform that takes advantage of the ever-increasing availability of mobile connectivity by Africa to promote sustainable growth in communities and rural landscapes.

This is accomplished through the sharing of innovative and sustainable farming techniques needed to maximize food production and help build a thriving and self-sufficient community.

Within the app are over 50 years of local agricultural knowledge, with Haller describing the app as a “mine of information for smallholder farmers facing issues of climate change, land degradation and insecurity. food ”.

Haller says all of the techniques featured on the app are low cost and organic, which means they can be easily transferred into routine farming practices.

Unfortunately, the rural communities that may need the Haller Farmers app the most are also the communities least likely to have mobile technologies readily available. In order to meet this challenge, the Haller Foundation has partnered with Mara Phones, the creators of the first affordable high-quality smartphones made in Africa.

Mara Phones also focuses on creating inclusive jobs for women and young people, helping to boost local economies. Now, thanks to its partnership with Haller and the give a phone to a farmer program, affordable and premium smartphones from Mara Phones are available for purchase at a reduced rate of 10% by simply entering the code “”Haller‘ at the register.

Any phone purchased through the program and using the code is then sent directly to Haller’s offices in Mombasa, Kenya, where the Haller Farmers app is pre-downloaded. The device is then distributed in the form of donations to Haller ambassadors and members of the community who have not yet had direct access to the latest African technological advances.

Download the free Haller Farmers app from Google play store now, or click here donate a phone to a farmer.

To learn more about this campaign, you can contact the Haller team at [email protected]

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