Internet in Tasmania, mobile phone outage after fiber cables cut

Tasmania lost internet and mobile phone coverage after two undersea fiber optic cables were accidentally cut, causing major disruption to businesses and hospitals across the state.

Telstra – which owns the cables – said it believed one had been cut by civilian workers on the mainland, while the other issue was being investigated. Optus and TPG Telecom customers are also impacted by the incident.

Tasmania is suffering from a statewide grid outage.Credit:iStock

A Telstra spokesperson said it was urgently investigating the matter.

“We believe this is the result of two separate cable cuts on the main routes into Tasmania,” the spokesperson said. “One cable was cut during the civil works and the other cable is quite a distance away and technicians have just arrived on site to assess the impact.”

“There is an impact on landline and mobile data, some voice calls will go through and there is no impact on triple zero services. We are working urgently to resolve the issue and assess restoration timelines.

An Optus spokesperson said it was working with the network provider to restore services. “Optus is committed to keeping our customers connected. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused our customers,” the spokesperson said. A TPG Telecom spokesperson said its customers would either have limited service or no service.

“Where our mobile network is unavailable, triple zero calls will be diverted to another network if available,” the spokesperson said. “Call wait times in our contact center are also longer than usual. We are working to restore services as quickly as possible. »

Locals wrote to the Tasmanian bear Mercury say the free tv channels are also down. The ABC continues to operate.

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