Iravin Nizhal’s audio launch on June 5. Makers Ban Mobile Phone

Iravin Nizhal, directed by Parthiban Radhakrishnan, will hit theaters on June 24, but before that, the makers will hold an audio launch event for the film in Chennai on June 5. Parhiban has taken several important steps to ensure that nothing is linked to Iravin Nizhal. is disclosed on the Internet. He banned cell phones from the site. A message informing everyone of the cell phone ban was sent to everyone.

Iravin Nizhal has been the talk of the town since it emerged that the film was the world’s first non-linear single-shot movie. The Iravin Nizhal trailer was released a week ago, building excitement for this film.

Parthiban has another idea to boost the buzz around the film. The director will present the first 30 minutes of Iravin Nizhal during the audio launch. Hence the decision to ban cell phones.

Recently, Iravin Nizhal was presented at the 75th Cannes Film Festival. More than 300 actors and more than 150 technicians contributed to this film. This one-shot adventure was shot after 90 days of rehearsal. Iravin Nizhal’s runtime is over 100 minutes.

Iravin Nizhal tells the story of Nandhu, a financier struggling with a pang of inner guilt. Nandhu is looking for a rival. Whether or not Nandhu succeeds forms the crux of the story. Parthiban said that Iravin Nizhal will narrate 50 years of Nandhu’s life in 60 periods.

Parthiban, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Robo Shankar, Brigida and Sai Priyanka Ruth make up the cast of Iravin Nizhal. Arthur Wilson handled the cinematography for this film. Iravin Nizhal was financed by Bioscope Film Framers.

AR Rahman composed music for Iravin Nizhal. Many said AR Rahman’s music blended well with the theme of the movie after watching the trailer.

According to AR Rahman, he imagined the madness after hearing the idea behind Iravin Nizhal. The music maestro said Parthiban is very passionate about his work. Parthiban had even revealed that he and AR Rahman were going to work on a project called Yelelo. This project could not materialize, revealed by Parthiban.

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