Journalist Mendota | Dinges Fire Company acquires mobile service and fire truck repair business

AMBOY – Nick Dinges of Sublette, owner and CEO of Dinges Fire Company, announced that Dinges Fire Company recently acquired Fox Apparatus Repair & Maintenance, adding a fourth mobile service unit to its fleet.

Derek Feuss, owner of Fox Apparatus Repair & Maintenance in Wyoming, Iowa, joined DFC in 2020 as a Sales Representative with the Northeast Iowa Fire Department. He will continue in this role while joining the mobile services department.

DFC offers preventative maintenance and repairs on rescue and extrication tools and SCBAs (self-contained breathing apparatus) throughout the Midwest. Feuss will also perform warranty work on fire trucks and Toyne vehicles in Illinois and Wisconsin.

Feuss is an 11-year-old firefighter who currently serves as Deputy Fire Chief for the Oxford Junction Fire Department. He bought Fox Apparatus Repair & Maintenance from its founder in 2017 and has served 125 customers in eastern Iowa.

“We are excited to expand our mobile service capabilities to include on-site fire apparatus repair and preventative maintenance and look forward to growing our company’s service segment by adding Fox Apparatus Repair to our team of 90 people,” Dinges said.

This is the third acquisition for DFC in three years.

Dinges Fire Company serves fire departments and emergency personnel in seven Midwestern states with a mission to protect America’s first responders with the best safety and protective equipment on the market and to be a catalyst for positive change. in the communities served.

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