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Bangalore: Bangalore-based technology skills provider KnowledgeHut upGrad, part of Edtech’s larger upGrad, has teamed up with Sweden-based Apis Training, a leading global telecommunications mobile technology training company. Through this alliance, Apis will operate as an authorized training partner, creating niche solutions to enhance the skills of engineers in line with Industry 4.0 requirements and, in turn, bridge the gap between supply and demand in the telecommunications industry. By the end of the fiscal year, KnowledgeHut upGrad and Apis aim to bring the latest 5G technologies to Indian telecom engineers.

As part of this integration, the training modules designed by Apis Training will enable the candidates to acquire the appropriate skills in the field focusing on the overview of the 5G system, the IoT in 4G and 5G, the ETSI-Multi-access Edge computing, among other key functions. The training programs will be structured with the aim of making telecom engineers more employable and meeting the expectations of telecom employers in India.

Sharing his perspective on the partnership, Subramanyam Reddy, CEO of KnowledgeHut upGrad, said, “We are delighted to partner with Apis Training, the pioneers in the field of mobile technology training to create customized solutions for the market. Indian. The telecommunications sector in India is going through a paradigm shift. With the highly anticipated deployment of 5G services, the demand for candidates with new era skills is increasing and more companies are looking for qualified 5G-ready engineers and technicians who can build, deploy and test seamlessly. 5G-related applications. However, there is a significant gap between supply and demand, as most of the current workforce is insufficiently qualified. As a leading provider of technology skills, we have always been focused on creating upskilling and retraining solutions that can meet industry challenges and our partnership with Apis is another step in that direction.

Niklas Thorin, Director of Strategic Partnership and Client Solutions, Apis Training, said, “Apis Training is delighted to partner with Knowledge Hut, a partner who has a large footprint in the enterprise market, and where Apis has it. in the telecommunications sector, we believe that together, as partners, we are building a strong position to provide a complete training solution to our customers. With the merging of IT and telecommunications, the need to find a partner who could complement and reach the market for IT-related training has been vital for Apis and its customers. »

According to Indian Telecom Market 2022-23 by Telecom Sector Skill Council (TSSC), in 2021, while there was demand for 1.5 lakh roles in 5G, Cloud Computing, AI & Big Data Analytics, IoT, Mobile App -Development and Robotic Process Automation; the gap between supply and demand was 28%. The need for professional training has become imperative for the industry and Apis Training’s modules will help fill the talent gap.

The Apis Training modules will now be available to KnowledgeHut customers in India. Apis Training has been in the mobile technology training business for over 25 years and has successfully trained over 100,000 learners in over 80 countries across five continents.

About KnowledgeHut upGrad: KnowledgeHut UpGrad is a global education technology platform, equipping the global workforce with the skills of the future through immersive, outcome-based learning. A trusted skills transformation partner for 250,000+ professionals and 1,200+ companies in 100+ countries that organizations and individuals rely on to innovate faster and create progress. Leveraging a state-of-the-art immersive learning experience platform, UGKH disrupts the way technology is learned and provides businesses with scalable technology-driven solutions to align skill-based requirements the roles with the desired business outcomes. Whether you are looking to build capabilities in software development, IT service management, cybersecurity, cloud computing, machine learning/AI, or data science, upGrad KnowledgeHut is your learning partner of choice. For more information, please visit

About upGrad: upGrad, launched in 2015, is a pioneer in the online education revolution, focused on the career success of a global workforce of more than 1.3 billion people. It’s one of the few integrated lifelong learning technology companies in the world – from college student to working professional in the 18-50 age bracket and through first grade courses. undergraduate, campus and job-related programs, study abroad, short form to executive programs to diplomas, masters and doctorates – with a learner base of over 2 million in 100 countries, and more of 300 university partners and a robust company with a customer base of 1000 companies worldwide.

upGrad’s global learning engine is built on four pillars: (a) its vast repository of original and proprietary content and intellectual property (b) its own proprietary, best-in-class technology platform (c) its service delivery led by humans and supported by coaches and mentors (d) an 85% track record of course completion, supported by a guaranteed performance of 80% additional career outcomes. Already dubbed a leader in superior EdTech in Asia, it has offices in the UK, US, Middle East, India, Singapore and Vietnam and is present in many other countries.

About Apis Training: Apis Training has been in the mobile technology training business for over 25 years and has successfully trained over 100,000 learners in over 80 countries across five continents. With immersive and in-depth industry experience, Apis Training has continued to refine its offerings for students to ensure that all telecommunications industry challenges are met with suitable solutions. Apis Training offers in-depth technical courses ranging from 2G/GSM, 3G/UMTS to 4G/LTE/EPS, in addition to the emerging areas of mobile loT and 5G.

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