Medicare and Centrelink Mobile Service arrive at Kyabram

Accessible: A mobile service center will be in Kyabram on February 1 and 2. Photo by Contributed

Federal government mobile service centers make it easier for residents to access help with Centrelink and Medicare payments and services, and Veterans Affairs programs.

The mobile service center will be in Kyabram on February 1 and 2 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., the mobile center will be located across from the community center on Lake Rd.

Offering a wide range of services open to anyone in need of assistance, the centers provide support to regional communities including families, elderly Australians, students, job seekers, people with disabilities, caregivers, farmers and self-employed workers.

Wi-Fi is available at Mobile Centers for visitors.

Services Australia staff travel with the centers and are readily available to answer a variety of questions, including:

• Registration and use of the agency’s online services

• New Centrelink payment requests

• Update and confirmation of Centrelink and Medicare information

• Information on the impact of financial matters on payments

• Assistance with payment and service options

• Rural payment entitlements for eligible farmers

• Medicare non-cash transactions

• Registration and issuance of new health insurance cards

• Update and reissue of Medicare cards

Mobile service centers travel extensively throughout rural and regional Australia and disaster areas to provide assistance and support. They are also accessible to people with disabilities.

For more information on mobile service centers, visit or the Services Australia Facebook page.

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