Meet customers where they are with mobile technology

Field Technologies Online talks to Panasonic’s Chad Hall about how rugged mobile solutions can close the gap in customer experience, increase workforce optimization and boost utility worker productivity .

Q: What are the main challenges facing public service workers today?

Hall: Our workforce is digitally transforming at a rapid pace, and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and the Internet of Things (IoT) have a role to play in respond to customer needs and pain points. It challenges utility companies to rethink the way work gets done and puts the customer experience at the forefront of how we all do business.

As an industry, utilities have long been known to rely heavily on legacy operational technology. However, with the growing need for digitization and real-time visibility into field operations, the industry must be able to adapt quickly to meet customers wherever they are and to facilitate a flow of more streamlined information and data sharing. It also means building an agile and intelligent network ecosystem that allows the industry to react quickly when the unexpected happens and take action as quickly as possible.

With our increasingly distributed workforce and the need for connected devices more prevalent, one challenge facing the industry is data security. In the utilities and energy industry, data is the lifeline of field workers and network operators. The federal government and private institutions are working closely together to establish a more standardized security framework to ensure network infrastructure protection and data security.

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