Mobile internet disrupted in Luhansk, Ukraine amid heightened tensions with Russia

Network data from NetBlocks confirms a significant disruption of internet service in Luhansk, eastern Ukraine. The metrics show the loss of connectivity on the infrastructure used by the Vodafone mobile network, corroborating user reports of loss of cellular service in the area. Some services returned with the most recent update.

The incident comes amid ongoing tensions with neighboring Russia and has raised fears of an impending conflict between subscribers and their contacts in Luhansk, which is located near the border with Russia.

The root cause of the outage has yet to be determined, with some unsubstantiated sources claiming a technical problem, while others attributed the disruption to the bombings.

Work is underway to assess the incident.



NetBlocks diffscans, which map a country’s IP address space in real time, display internet connectivity levels and corresponding outages. Intentional Internet outages may have a distinct network model used by NetBlocks to determine and attribute the root cause of an outage, a process known as attribution following detection and classification steps.

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