mobile-internet-services-suspended-in-jammu-and-cashmere-uri-after-infiltration-attempt-by-line-of-control-vsk 98 | Military operation Uri! Biggest intrusion attempt in recent years, research continues

Internet services and cell phones have been shut down in the Uri area of ​​northern Kashmir since Monday morning.

The military said on Monday it was involved in a major operation in Jammu and Kashmir for the second day in a row, as it was seen as the biggest terrorist infiltration attempt through the Line of Control in recent years. .
Internet services and cell phones have been shut down in the Uri area of ​​northern Kashmir since Monday morning. Authorities say an attempted break-in took place on Saturday evening to mark the fifth anniversary of Uri’s attack. India responded to Uri’s attack by launching a surgical strike on the Line of Control that exposed several launch pads for terrorists.
According to government sources in Delhi, a group of around six infiltrators managed to sneak through Pakistan. He said a soldier was injured in the shooting during an infiltration attempt. The military said an operation was underway to locate the intruders and the exact situation on the ground was not yet clear. This is the first time that telephone and internet services have been shut down following cross-border infiltration efforts.
The military says it is the second such offer since the India-Pakistan ceasefire agreement in February. The army says no ceasefire has been broken since. “We are ready for any violation of the ceasefire. But to be fair, there was no explosion on the other side of the border, ”said Lt. Gen. DP Pandey, officer. General commanding the 15th corps.
He said there have been intrusion attempts this year as in the past and that they are looking for intruders in the Uri area. “There has been an operation in Uri in the last 24 hours, in which we believe there was an attempted infiltration. We are looking for you. Whether they are on this side or have backed down after trying, the issue has not been clarified or verified on the ground, ”General Pandey said.

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