Mobile Internet Technology Company AppyHigh Increases User Count by 10; targets 1 billion users by 2026

Mobile internet technology company AppyHigh has announced that it has grown from 5 million to 50 million monthly active users (MAUs) in its app ecosystem during the pandemic. AppyHigh’s application universe has garnered over 400 million downloads to date. The company received annualized recurring income (ARR) of $ 11 million (Rs 80 crore), she said in a press release.

The bulk of the demand has been noted in Bharath, where users switch from personal computer to mobile first or skip the personal computer stage entirely in their digital journey.

According to industry reports, Indians spent an average of 4.8 hours on mobile applications – the highest on record – in 2021. Indians are known to spend 90% of every Internet minute via mobiles and the Internet. pandemic has further increased reliance on phones for getting around. regular routines – be it work, personal or social life.

The multi-product business, which intercepts the entire digital hierarchy of needs, has seen a noticeable increase in the use of mobile productivity and utility applications that meet fundamental digital needs. This can be attributed to the remote and hybrid work configuration adopted by most companies around the world.

AppyHigh Co-Founder Aneesh Rayancha said, “Over the next two months, we will bring rapid innovation to our app ecosystem and focus more on user privacy as we aim for the next billion. users by 2026. Building and evolving products that delight users around the world will remain a cornerstone of our growth journey.

Posted on: Tuesday November 30th, 2021 19:16 IST

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