Mobile internet usage jumped 68% during Ramadan 2022

The National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA) has announced a 68% increase in the use of mobile internet services during Ramadan 2022. This is believed to be due to the increase in the number of mobile phone users (to 11 million) in the country over the past year.

The NTRA has been the acting national registration and regulatory authority for the telecommunications sector since its inception in 2003. Part of its main role is to publish an annual report on the performance and development of telecommunications users in Egypt.

This year’s report produced some startling developments. Most notable being the number of fixed internet users per day which jumps to 980,000. The general rate of internet usage has also increased significantly due to an increase in online meetings, online shopping and traffic on streaming services.

The NTRA also reported that the use of emails increased by 132% and the use of online navigation systems such as Google Maps increased by 111%. Online purchases also increased by 48%, generating 181 million visits.

TikTok and online streaming services increased by 158% and the number of online creators increased by 17%, leading to an increase in the number of hours spent on these applications to 3.5 million hours per year. day.

Social media traffic has increased by 20% since last Ramadan, bringing the daily number of website visitors to 35 million people per day. Streaming platforms such as Netflix, Shahid and Watch it also saw a 76% increase, reaching 33 million viewers.

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