Mobile, internet users rise amid lockdown

This brings the total number of mobile subscribers in the country to 17.46 crores from 17.33 crores in February.

A total of 1.27 million new mobile subscribers and 3.43 million new Internet subscribers were added to the country’s total subscriber base in March this year.

This brings the total number of mobile subscribers in the country to 17.46 crores from 17.33 crores in February.

Among mobile operators, Robi Axiata added the most subscribers, with 425,000 new subscribers, bringing their new total to 5.19 crore.

Grameenphone followed in second place, increasing its base by 360,000, bringing its total to 8,075 crore.

Banglalink also attracted 330,000 subscribers in the same month. Now, its subscriber base is 3,625 crore.

State-owned Teletalk has also weathered the Covid-19 pandemic well, as it welcomed 158,000 new subscribers to its network. Its total mobile subscriber base stands at 5.69 million.

Meanwhile, the internet subscriber base grew to 11.61 crore at the end of March from 11.27 crore in February earlier this year, according to data from the Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (BTRC).

Mobile Internet subscribers also increased from 10.3193 crore to 10.633 crore, with Internet Service Provider (ISP) and Public Switched Telephone (PSTN) subscribers increasing from 9.52 million to 9.81 million .

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A subscriber is counted after being verified using the biometric system and having had activity (voice, data, SMS) at least once in the previous 90 days.

Industry insiders attributed the increase in the ongoing lockdown amid the Covid-19 pandemic as people resorted to using their smartphones after their trips outside were restricted.

“We are pleased to see a positive trend in customer acquisition from the latest active subscriber figure released by BTRC. The fact that such a satisfactory level of acquisition has occurred in the midst of the pandemic is a all the more encouraging,” said Shahed Alam, Managing Director and Chief Regulatory Officer of Robi Axiata.

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Grameenphone’s Head of External Communications, Md Hasan, said, “We took an important step by upgrading all of our 15,590 towers to 4G in March, which has helped us improve the customer experience.”

“In addition, we’ve removed the distinction between 3G and 4G data offerings and are ensuring the right product reaches the right customers, helping to maintain healthy sub-base growth in March,” it said. -he adds.

Ankit Sureka, Head of Corporate Communications and Sustainability, Banglalink, said: “Our overall Internet customer base grew by 5.2% YoY and data usage grew by 44.9% YoY. in the first quarter of 2021. We have remained focused on delivering superior data experiences to customers, and as a result, won two consecutive Ookla Speed ​​Test Awards last year. .4 MHz has helped us maintain the number one spot among private operators in terms of spectrum per customer, which will also be instrumental in expanding our 4G network.”

Secretary General of Internet Service Providers Association of Bangladesh (ISPAB), Emdadul Hoque, said that internet usage and subscribers have increased as employees, civil servants, students, etc. mainly work from home.

Demand is growing and will soon double, he added.

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