Mobile phone and internet issues in Saddleworth for residents

Residents have reported issues with their mobile service signal and internet connection as a mast appears to be down.

Residents of Saddleworth and surrounding areas have reported a persistent problem with their phone and internet connection since Thursday 27th October.

People are reporting an outage on their mobiles and iPads with messages failing to be delivered by various phone providers including Vodafone, O2 and Tesco Mobile.

In a message online, Vodafone acknowledged the issue and said: “There is currently an issue with our mobile network in this area which may cause issues with your service.

“We’re sorry if you’re experiencing any disruptions, we know how frustrating it can be.

“Rest assured, we are working hard to get things back up and running as quickly as possible.

“Thank you for your patience.”

In a statement to the Oldham Times, O2 said it was aware of some temporary network issues in Oldham and said engineers were currently working to resolve the issue.

The O2 spokesperson added: ‘We are working hard to restore service for some customers in the Uppermill area of ​​Oldham.

“Our engineers are working on the issues first, and we apologize for the inconvenience.”

The problem appears to stem from a nearby telecommunications mast in Wharmton Hill which overlooks Uppermill and Greenfield.

Cellnex engineers are currently trying to access the site to investigate the issue.

Some residents have been advised that the issue should be resolved by Friday November 4th.

Cellnex, Vodafone and Tesco Mobile have been contacted to provide an update on the situation.

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