Mobile phone inventor says phone addicts should ‘have a life’ |

The inventor of the mobile phone believes that addicted users should “have a life”.

Martin Cooper – who led the Motorola team that created the first mobile phone in the 1970s and was the first person to make a call from the home phone in 1973 – thinks people glued to their smartphones need to rethink their priorities .

After being asked what he would say to people who spend more than five hours a day, the 93-year-old inventor told BBC Breakfast: “Do you really spend five hours a day? Buy yourself a life.”

Martin – who has been dubbed “the father of the cellphone” – admitted he’s not really his prompter as much as one might think. However, the invention of the iPhone in the late 2000s – which turned your mobile into a pocket computer – means that you can do much more on your phone than in Martin’s day, such as social media , e-mails and photography.

According to a WhistleOut survey, millennials spend more than 23% of their day on their device, which represents almost a quarter of their life.

The generation above, Gen X, spends less on theirs as data shows they spend 16.5% of their day on theirs and Baby Boomers spend the least with a total usage time of 9.9%.

When they analyzed the numbers, they discovered that the average phone user will spend over 8.74 years in total. This is largely due to the fact that young people have grown up with the internet and are now working in tech-enabled jobs.

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