Mobile Phone News: Indians Spend About Five Hours A Day On Cell Phones In 2021: Study

New Delhi: Mobile usage continues to rise as Indians spent nearly five hours a day on their phones in 2021 amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic which has restricted people’s movement.

a report
published in the Times of India said that according to a study conducted by App Annie, a mobile data and analytics company, the average number of hours spent on a mobile per day for a user increased by around 4.5%, from 3, 7 hours in 2019 to 4.7 hours in 2021. Time spent on mobiles in 2020 was around 4.5 hours per day.

In total, India recorded 655 billion hours spent on mobiles in 2021, an increase of 37% since 2019. India ranks fifth in the world in terms of time spent on mobiles after the Brazil, Indonesia, South Korea and Mexico.

The report adds that Indian consumers spend 7.6 billion hours per year on shopping apps, a 16% year-on-year (YoY) growth from 2020 and an overall growth of 80 % since 2018 (4.2 billion hours). The biggest gainer among social networks was the Meta-owned photo and video sharing app Instagram, where users spent an average of 13 hours per month, a 32% annual growth from 9.8 hours in 2020.

On average, Indians spent around 19.8 hours per month on WhatsApp, a slight drop of 1.5% from 2020, but this suggests an overall growth of 3.1% since 2018.

Lexi Sydow, Head (Insights), App Annie, said: “The year 2021 was another blockbuster in mobile, following a pandemic-induced catalyst on mobile habits in 2020. We saw the The average user in the most mobile markets spends 4.8 hours a day, which equates to nearly a third of waking hours – up 30% from pre-Covid levels.

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India, which recorded over 26.6 billion app downloads in 2021, continues to rank second in terms of the largest app download market after China.

Meanwhile, according to the report, 2021 has broken records as consumers continue to embrace a mobile lifestyle. In the top 10 mobile markets, 4.8 hours per day were spent on mobile. Consumers spent $170 billion on apps, a 19% increase over last year. Downloads continue to grow 5% year over year to reach 230 billion.

The report further adds that consumers are shifting their attention and wallets to mobile as more than $320,000 flows through app stores every minute of 2021, an increase of nearly 20% from previous records in 2020.

Additionally, mobile services from early adopters and mobile players remain in high demand, with global consumers downloading over 435,000 apps per minute. In fact, advertisers are taking note of the broad reach and deep engagement of mobile apps with mobile ad spend on track to hit $350 billion in 2022, after surpassing $295 in 2021.

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