Mobile phone stops bullet and saves Ukrainian soldier’s life

It took a cell phone to block the bullet and save the life of the Ukrainian soldier.


A viral internet video of a Ukrainian soldier beating death by a hair’s breadth stuns internet users. It took a cell phone to block the bullet and save the soldier’s life in this war-torn country.

The viral video is among many examples of bravery and courage that have emerged from both sides as war rages between Russia and Ukraine.

The Ukrainian soldier was shot by Russian troops but he survived, and all because his phone took full damage from the 7.62mm bullet that was aimed at the soldier. The bullet got stuck in the phone.

The Ukrainian soldier shows off his damaged phone with a bullet stuck in the viral video, saying ‘…the smartphone saved my life’.

The video comes at a time when the war between Ukraine and Russia shows no signs of ending.

In the viral video, the soldier is seen talking to his fellow fighter, elatedly showing his mobile phone. The soldier apparently shot the video as gunshots were heard as he spoke animatedly to his fellow fighter.

On February 24, Russia launched a special military operation in Ukraine after the breakaway republics of Donetsk and Luhansk requested help in defending them against intensifying attacks by Ukrainian troops.

Russia claims that their “special operation” only targets Ukrainian military infrastructure and not the civilian population. The West, however, rejected Russia’s claims while imposing harsh sanctions on Moscow.

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