Mobile phone towers with latest technology launched for seven villages in the state

In celebration of 75 years of independence, the Department of Telecommunications, North East Licensed Service Area (NE LSA), Shillong has commissioned three new towers featuring state-of-the-art technology for citizens of rural areas of Meghalaya under the Universal Service Obligation Fund (USOF) in Panchiring-A village in South West Khasi Hills district and in Mawpen and Katradua in East Khasi Hills district.

Villagers in seven villages namely Panchiring-A, Mawpen, Katradua, Mawhati, Phodkroh, Panchiring-B and Upper Panchiring will now enjoy advanced telecommunications services for the first time after independence through 4G mobile broadband. broadband services to access various central and state government e-governance initiatives. With this, the total mobile coverage is extended to 5540 villages in Meghalaya by various licensees of the Department of Telecommunications.

As part of AKAM’s celebrations over the past year, 368 new towers, 743 new Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) were added and 507 uncovered villages received mobile services in the State of Meghalaya.

Ravi Goel, Senior Deputy Managing Director and Head of North East Licensed Service Area, informed on the occasion that the expansion of 4G services under the Ministry of Telecommunications’ ambitious “4G Saturation Programme” to 1,512 additional villages in Meghalaya was offered by the North East Licensed Service. region and is under review by the Department of Telecommunications and the USOF.

Similar proposals for Arunachal, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura states have also been sent, he said. He also said that the Department of Telecommunications is fully committed to extending broadband services to all citizens of the North Eastern states, especially those who live in remote and remote areas under initiatives supported by the USOF and various expansion programs of its licensees.

Goel also informed that to ensure public safety from EMF radiation, India has put in place standards ten times stricter than those prescribed by ICNIRP and to ensure the same, the licensed service area of ​​North- Est regularly tests BTS for compliance with these EMF standards, and so far 3557 out of 7190 BTS have been tested in Meghalaya State and all of them have been found to meet the standards.

He further informed that with the launch of 5G services in the country, many new small cell 5G mobile towers would also be needed in the northeast region. However, the public should not be concerned about adverse health effects on human lives, flora and fauna in the region, as a strong institutional framework has been put in place by the Department of Telecommunications to ensure safety against electromagnetic radiation.

In order to facilitate the conduct of business, the signing of licenses (ISP) for the provision of Internet services has been decentralized through Department of Telecommunications field units in each of the six states under the Northern Licensed Service Area -East. To date, eight ISP licenses have been granted under the new regime.

For affordable internet for all, PM-WANI services are now available through various Public Data Office Aggregators (PDOAs) and their respective Public Data Offices (PDOs). It is also an opportunity for small vendors and establishments like Fair Price Shops, local stores, etc. to earn extra income. 1061 access points have been put into operation until August 8 in the Northeastern States.

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