Mobile tech brand OnePlus jumps into the metaverse with a virtual theme park on Roblox

Quick take:

  • The virtual theme park is open to visitors of all ages.
  • It offers joint activities, seasonal events and special entertainment.
  • Visitors can find hidden discount codes to redeem free OnePlus headphones.

Global mobile technology brand, OnePlus, today announced the launch of its virtual theme park on Roblox, named OnePlus World. The theme park is now open to visitors of all ages.

Set in a sprawling, high-tech mountain park nestled along a coastline, visitors enter OnePlus World via the Events Center, a gathering place featuring joint activities, seasonal events and special entertainment, with the OnePlus Virtual store located nearby.

To create OnePlus World, the mobile technology company enlisted creative production agency Transparent House, which led the development of the virtual theme park. The agency’s executive producer, Denis Krylov, said the two companies have been discussing development in the metaverse “for some time.”

“Ultimately, the decision was made to build on Roblox, design a fun, utopian cityscape, and focus on openness and exploration, where community members have complete freedom and virtually endless opportunities for highly imaginative gaming experiences,” Krylov added.

Transparent House producer Cameron Rosinski discussed the deep integration of brand values ​​into OnePlus World. “OnePlus strives for speed and performance, and its motto ‘Never Settle’ has also served as a design mantra,” he said. “We set out to create an experience that lets visitors explore at their leisure, travel in exciting ways, and discover new realms.”

Visitors can explore the theme park by racing futuristic motorcycles, shredding on a hoverboard, and getting around with other modes of transportation such as skydiving or ziplining. At park charging stations – a reference to OnePlus phones’ SuperVOOC” fast-charging feature – competitors can Fast Charge to run even faster.

Adventurous players can also search for special treasure mines, hidden locations, complete the “Never Settle” word game, or search for hidden coupons scattered around the theme park to win free OnePlus products. The first 200 to redeem the secret codes will receive a free pair of OnePlus headphones.

“With its Roblox studio constantly adding new features and hundreds of millions of registered users, Roblox is a great platform that OnePlus can use to claim its position in the metaverse,” said Alex Smetanin, Head of Production at Transparent House. “This venture will allow anyone to interact with the brand and its values ​​in interesting ways. Based on the engagement, we will continue to optimize features and expand experiences in new and exciting ways.

Several fashion, beauty, and tech brands have partnered with Roblox to lure Gen Z users into the virtual world. OnePlus’ entry into the Metaverse comes weeks after popstar Charli XCX’s Metaverse concert sponsored by Samsung on Roblox as part of a campaign to promote the Galaxy Z Flip3 smartphone.

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