Mobile technology has eroded culture and values, says Padma Shri Janak Palta

Indore (Madhya Pradesh): Indians are often seen violating nature and its prosperity. Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya students created seed balls with the seeds of fruit trees. With over 50,000 seed balls made, the goal is to decorate the university and town with green and fruit trees.

Padma Shri Janak Palta, said, “As the world modernizes at a rapid pace, many negative changes can be seen on the horizon. In such a situation, Indians do not need to celebrate World Environment Day. All we need is to use the technology given to us with precision and use it socially and for the good of the environment. It is our responsibility to Indore and to the country.

Padma Shri Bhalu Mondhe also called on people to save the natural resources of the earth. He said: “I’ve put a bit of effort into my life to save nature with a camera you can take. The power of an image is not only that of an image; it carries nature within it.

Sonalee Nargunde, HoD, SJMC, said, “We ourselves can eat the fruits of the trees we have planted. For this, you have to choose trees. When planting saplings, we must consider service delivery as our priority.

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