Mobile technology is causing behavioral problems in people, says expert

08 June 2022 18:36 STI

By Shalini Bhardwaj
New Delhi [India]Jun 08 (ANI): Days after a 16-year-old boy addicted to mobile games shot and killed his mother for scolding him for his PUBG addiction, an expert warned on Wednesday that mobile addiction harms life. population of the country quickly.
In a conversation with ANI on Wednesday, the former director of the Institute of Human Behavior and Allied Sciences, Dr Nimesh G Desai, said: “There are cases in which people report severe depression and an anxiety disorder when you take their phone away from them. So maybe they’re developing what we now recognize as a technology addiction.”

Dr. Nimesh further stated that new developments in the gaming market are behind these behavioral disorders and people should understand that. He said: “We have to recognize that we are changing the dynamics of social development. We market available technology, just like tobacco and alcohol, in the field of games. Developments in mobile technology are driving market forces these days.
“All of this will lead to a certain amount of behavioral disturbances, including violent behavior in children, adolescents or even adults. So mobile addiction quickly harms the population,” he added.
Dr Nimesh also advised those with cell phone addiction to seek treatment through supportive counseling. “There are many children who become addicted or get used to mobile phones. They need guidance to get rid of this addiction. Use this technology appropriately instead of strictly managing it,” he said. he declares.
Cell phone addiction can also lead to depression. Dr Desai said: ‘Some might have serious issues with depression and anxiety when you remove the phone from the individual’s possession.
“There might be people who might have psychiatric disorders. I think we have to recognize these changes. There is a general social atmosphere about violence issues that is helped by technology and the media. early signs of violence or criminal behavior like this boy in Uttar Pradesh. They should be watched and handled with care,” he explained. (ANI)

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