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OPPO amplifies local fashion both on and off the ramp

There is no denying that clothing is one of the most powerful forms of non-verbal communication. Meanwhile, fashion is an artful form of self-expression that reflects a particular mood and style at a particular time.

OPPO, as one of the world’s leading manufacturers and innovators of smart devices, believes that its mission is to improve life through technological art.

And, as mobile technology plays an increasingly important role in making fashion accessible beyond the front row, the tech leader is expanding its partnership with South African Fashion Week both on and off the ramp.

The OPPO collections, featuring autumn/winter ranges from South African brands Munkus, Ntando XV and Black Coffee, is set to be a highlight of this year’s fashion week program when it takes place on October 21st at 7 p.m. at the Mall of Africa in Gauteng.

The exhibition tangibly demonstrates how customers can use technology and design to add value to their daily lives, building on OPPO’s philosophy of “technology as an art form”. And, while the featured ranges will be intuitive to the current fashion vibe and aesthetic, mobile technology continues to make it easier and immediate for fashionistas to share creative views from designers.

Once controlled by professional photographers and videographers who captured models wearing the latest designs from a specially designated area, usually in front of the stage, the advent of social media and advances in camera phone technology have democratized the way fashion week images are now conveyed. .

Recognizing the role that digital devices have played in enhancing and amplifying fashion beyond the front tier, OPPO has selected key South African identities including artists Nadia Nakai, Kyle Deutsch and Musa Keys; influential stylist Macc Gee and actor and model Wiseman Zitha, to share their take on the collections with their millions of followers in real time.

Like the power of fashion in non-verbal communication, OPPO views technology as an art form, with the brand’s stated mission to exist to elevate life through technological art.

“OPPO prides itself on being a human-centric brand, focused on innovating for people. Designers are inherently innovative creators, and through our partnership with SA Fashion Week, we are demonstrating how technology and design can be leveraged to add value to our daily lives,” says Avashnee Moodley, Head of Marketing at OPPO South Africa.

Meanwhile, Lucilla Booyzen, organizer and founder of SA Fashion Week, says it’s not just SAFW audiences who are embracing the power of mobile technology to capture their experiences. She says she’s noticed a tangible shift among designers themselves in harnessing technology to tell their stories and connect with their clients.

Booyzen said OPPO’s participation in SA Fashion Week, now in its fourth season, is a natural extension of this movement.

“Our partnership with OPPO is a supernova partnership, earnestly building the art of technology with that of creative fashion design. During fashion week, we align with like-minded partners. OPPO and SAFW are aligned with innovation, design, sustainability and our commitment to the ethical way of doing business,” said Booyzen.

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