‘More than 97 J&K PCs own a mobile phone’

‘More than 97 J&K PCs own a mobile phone’

Jammu Tawi, 06 June: Over 97% of households in Jammu and Kashmir own a mobile phone while 58% of households have internet access, the National Health and Family Survey-5 (NHFS-5) reported.

Official data indicates that approximately 98% of J&K households own mattresses, 96.6% of households own pressure cookers, and 71% of households own chairs.

He said 67% of households own a crib or bed, 61% own a table, 82% own an electric fan and 47% own a radio or transistor.

In addition, eight percent of households still have black-and-white televisions, while 77 percent have color televisions and 35 percent of households have sewing machines, the data adds.

The survey showed that 98.2% of households in urban areas and 96.8% in rural areas own mobile phones, which means that in general 97.2% of households own mobile phones.

4.2% of households own a landline, 67.5% of households in urban areas and 55.3% in rural areas, which means that 58.7% of households have internet access in Jammu and Cashmere.

11.8% of households own a computer, 56.5% a refrigerator, 22% a cooler/air conditioner, 52% a refrigerator, and 85% own a J&K watch or clock.

He further added that 23% of households own a water pump, 1.7% own a thresher, 1.8% own a tractor and 0.1% of households have none of the things mentioned..

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