Nearly 54% of Pakistanis think mobile technology has improved their career

The study showed how respondents across Asia are using their mobile to adapt to changing realities as new working cultures emerge post-pandemic. This is actually the second installment of the Digital Lives Decoded series which was launched on the occasion of Telenor Asia’s 25th anniversary.

The latest report surveyed more than 8,000 mobile internet users in eight countries in South and Southeast Asia. Countries include:

  • Bangladesh
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Pakistan
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam

The report further showed how the workplace has evolved over the past three years on the growing influence of mobile devices in our daily lives. In this modern era, the workplace is characterized by processes enabled by mobile technology. Additionally, hybrid work practices bring increased flexibility to businesses and the lives of professionals. Telenor Asia Director Jørgen Rostrup said:

“Our research indicates that mobile connectivity is an enabler of productivity, progress, flexibility and economic opportunity. Yet we continue to see gaps in how this technology is used between urban and rural populations, large enterprises and SMEs, between industries, and even between senior managers and their junior counterparts,”

According to him, people are very concerned about their skills and their ability to keep pace with technological advancements. He further stated:

“The aspect of trust also prevents people from realizing their full potential through the use of mobile in the workplace. As time spent working online increases, our survey results can help identify the right tools and insights to fill these gaps and improve digital working lives,”

Irfan Wahab Khan, Managing Director of Telenor Pakistan, spoke about the importance of understanding the changing workplace today. He said this is a watershed moment for business as businesses around the world adapt to new, efficient ways of working. Moreover, mobile technology has also unlocked new sources of income and empowered individuals in various ways. The Pakistani workforce, including freelancers, entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts, must understand and utilize the opportunities that come with mobile connectivity.

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