New Denver-Based Mobile Service Called Visible Launches With $ 40 Unlimited Data Plan

There is a new mobile service in town for Denverites. Literally.

Visible, which opened its headquarters in Denver earlier this year, hopes to attract customers across the country who want to pay less for unlimited data plans. At $ 40 per month, Visible’s only plan, the service relies on a low price and an invitation-only stealth launch to appeal to customers.

  • Visible, funded by Verizon, opened its headquarters in Denver in 2018. The company employs approximately 50 people. In July, she launched a social good initiative

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    Visible, funded by Verizon, opened its headquarters in Denver in 2018. The company employed approximately 50 people as of May 2018.

The company is entering a competitive market that has been turned upside down by former bottom tier T-Mobile pushing for no contracts and cheaper, simpler plans. T Mobile just announced its intention to buy Sprint, to become the second largest carrier in the country.

It also gets an unlimited plan of up to $ 40 per month, which most other mobile services offer, but only if more than one person signs up for a family plan. T-Mobile’s plan, for example, costs $ 70 per month, but with four lines it costs $ 40 per line.

But Visible doesn’t go it alone. It uses Verizon’s 4G LTE network to deliver speeds of up to 5 mbps, and it has received funding from Verizon. CEO Miguel Quiroga has also worked for Verizon since 2000, most recently as vice president and chief digital officer.

Whether Verizon owns Visible is unclear. In answering the question “Does Visible belong to Verizon”, the company said, “Yes, Visible is funded by Verizon.”

Adding Beth Veen, Head of Brand Strategy at Visible: “We operate independently and do things differently in the phone service category. “

Visible appears to be more of a millennial marketing arm for Verizon. Its economic model is almost entirely virtual. He has no stores and no vendors. It accepts digital payments by credit cards, Paypal and Venmo. New customers who sign up through an app then receive a SIM card for next day delivery. Communication takes place entirely within the app, including cancellation of service. Customers must bring their own phone and at this time, Visible only works with “most iPhone models,” according to Visible FAQ.

So what’s it like in Denver?

“Visible chose Denver as their corporate headquarters for a multitude of reasons, but the main ones are that the people of Denver have a good cross-section / melting pot of millennial culture and are focused on building a business with millennia at heart and hiring employees who embody the brand, ”Veen said in an email. “There is great tech talent here which is great for hiring and the accessibility to the east and west coasts has made Denver the perfect place to build and develop Visible.”

The company employs around fifty people.

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