New mobile phone tower for Vivonne Bay, more fixed wireless Swoop on Kangaroo Island | the islander

BETTER INTERNET: Technician Nathan of Swoop at the Reeves Point Relay Tower, Kingscote, where additional fixed wireless repeaters were installed last week. Photo: Stan Gorton

Residents and visitors to Vivonne Bay on Kangaroo Island will soon enjoy better connectivity thanks to an upgraded cell phone tower.

Over $125,000 will be invested to upgrade a Telstra mobile macro site on the south coast to improve mobile coverage.

The tower is funded by the federal government’s Regional Connectivity Program.

South Africa Senator Andrew McLachlan CSC welcomed the announcement and said better connectivity and increased data would be of incredible benefit to islanders.

“As we saw during the devastating Black Summer bushfires, reliable communications are also key to keeping people safe and providing timely information that protects properties,” he said.

Meanwhile, technicians at fixed wireless internet provider Swoop began adding infrastructure around KI to improve connectivity.

Technicians were spotted at the Reeves Point Relay Tower in Kingscote last week adding infrastructure that will send Swoop’s fixed WiFi service towards Birchmore.

This is one of 11 listed improvements planned under a recent program announced by Swoop and the KI Council.

It is a Local Economic Recovery Project (LER), supported by the federal government’s National Bushfire Recovery Fund and co-funded by contributions from the state government.

Swoop’s fixed wireless expansion is a response to an intergovernmental review, which found that a lack of resilient critical infrastructure was hampering bushfire efforts.

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