New towers bolster mobile service in Oconto County, Cellcom says

GREEN BAY — Cellcom’s parent company says it has improved mobile service in Oconto County by activating four new cell sites, with more to come.

The four new sites — west of Oconto on State 22, in the towns of Breed and Riverview, and southwest of Townsend — expand coverage areas and add capacity for a better app experience data and increased connections during peak tourist periods.

The extra capacity allows for a better experience when using data, which can mean faster speeds or more available connections, especially during peak traffic times.

“These new cell sites help fill coverage gaps and bolster LTE service, which is the technology that powers internet service on your smartphone and has more recently become the service you use to make calls and send texts.” , said Rick Brooks, chief technical officer and vice president of engineering for Cellcom. “As demand for data services continues to grow, the new cell sites are also helping to steer users away from high-traffic sites, helping to improve everyone’s experience.”

Cellcom also says it plans to activate new sites in Little Suamico, Oconto Falls, southwest of Bagley and northeast of Lakewood, as well as two smaller cells in Suring and Oconto Falls.

Small cells are low-power cell sites that cover smaller areas and help improve customer experience in high-traffic areas. They are usually located on lampposts, while the other sites would be on towers.

Existing cell sites in Kelly Lake, Lena, Oconto Falls and Suring will have additional capacity added to allow for more connections and a better data experience, the company also announced.

“As the only local wireless service provider in Wisconsin, we know that rural areas are among the most popular destinations for our customers. Investing in these rural communities is a priority for Cellcom,” said Brooks. “Cell sites can take months to plan and implement and supply chain delays have added a bit of timelines, but we continue to push to complete these projects and are already planning for years to come. .”

Cellcom’s sister company, Nsight Telservices, has three residential projects underway in Little Suamico to bring fiber optic connections to more than 200 residents in the Rustic Acres, Havenwood Hills and Wedgewood Estates neighborhoods.

“For many years, we’ve taken a fiber-first approach, installing fiber in new neighborhoods or when we need to move or replace parts of the network,” Brooks said. “Going forward, we will continue to look for opportunities to install fiber in our existing Internet territories.”

In Oconto County, Nsight Telservices provides internet, television, and telephone services in an area roughly south of Oconto/Stiles/Oconto Falls and east of State 32. It also provides internet and phone services in Oconto and Oconto Falls.

Green Bay-based Nsight, the parent company of Nsight Telservices and Cellcom, serves Wisconsin and Upper Michigan.

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