NSPC Brain & Spine Surgery Launches Mobile Service at City of Islip Offices – Community News

NSPC Brain & Spine Surgery, Long Island’s largest independent neurosurgery practice group, launched a “mobile office” service on Wednesday, January 6 at offices in the city of Islip.

Nearly a dozen city workers were examined by two NSPC neurosurgeons during a day-long visit to Islip.

According to Dr. William S. Sonstein, president of NSPC Brain & Spine Surgery, the new service was created to make it easier for people with acute or chronic spinal conditions to be examined by an experienced neurosurgeon.

Housed in a custom 26-foot van, the NSPC “mobile office” is equipped to visit job sites, public offices and other locations anywhere in Nassau, Suffolk or Queens counties.

“The launch of NSPC Mobile was motivated, in part,” Dr. Sonstein notes, “to accommodate patients who may be reluctant to visit a doctor’s office due to Covid-19 concerns.” In addition, he points out, many patients delay seeing a doctor because they believe “they don’t have time for an appointment”.

“I’ve been practicing for over 20 years,” observes Sonstein, “and the reason many patients don’t see me sooner is the difficulty associated with time off from work or finding time in their personal schedule. to make an appointment. . Bringing a doctor to the workplace changes everything.

According to Sonstein, “The NSPC mobile office offers patients a convenient alternative to a conventional office as it will be available during the working day. Even better, this new service can allow us to quickly determine if further examination is needed at an NSPC doctor’s office or if a referral to another specialist is appropriate. An NSPC “telemedicine” follow-up appointment option is also available.

Equally convenient is scheduling an appointment for an NSPC Mobile visit. Interested patients can call (516) 255-9031 or visit https://nspc.com/nspc-mobile/ to request a consultation or learn more about the service.

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