NTA will monitor the quality of mobile service with an integrated system

The telecommunications regulator Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) has set up an integrated system to verify the quality of mobile service.

The system will collect mobile service quality reports from mobile subscribers. The regulator says its system is technology-friendly and easy-to-use for users.

NTA announced the Mobile Services Monitoring System on Thursday, July 7e on the occasion of his 24e anniversary. Deputy Director of the Telecommunications Governing Body, Ms. Roja Kiran Basukala shared the news on the broadcast.

The system allows mobile users to participate in the mobile service quality survey through the mobile app, web app, USSD, IVR and other NTA media.

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Download the NTA QoE survey and submit your mobile service perception

The NTA will evaluate the survey reports and determine its final report in the integrated system.

To collect the data, the regulator also launched a mobile app NTA Quality of Experience Survey. The regulator will collect data from survey participants and prepare its inclusive report.

The application is available on the Play Store. It allows you to participate and submit your user experience online. But first, you need to register and create an account.

You can submit your voice, data, or service charges and rates experience. The system allows you to tell Nta your “perception” of the quality of the mobile service you receive.

NTA mobile service network test survey mobile application

The good thing is that you can participate in the survey easily via the Web application. Mr. Basukala said: “The survey is also available as a web application. You can visit the link https://qoe.nta.gov.np to access and participate in the web version of the survey.

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NTA mobile service network test survey web application interface

Available via USSD, and IVR too

Similarly, you can participate in the survey via the USSD code too. To do this, you must dial *34567# on your phone. It also allows you to submit your perception of quality on service fees, quality, and general categories.

NTA USSD Mobile Services Survey

You can also choose the IVR system for the investigation. To do this, you can dial 34567 and answer the questionnaire you hear on the other end of the line. To file your answer, you will need to dial the corresponding number on your numeric keypad as relayed during the call.

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What do you think of participating in the NTA survey to submit your perception of the quality of mobile service? Let us know if you have any questions.

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