NTC extends mobile service to Nishikhola, Baglung

NTC extended its mobile service to Nishikhola for the first time. This ended their long wait for telecommunications service. Prior to this, locals had to travel to remote areas for mobile tower search calls.

Government-backed operator Nepal Telecom (NTC) established its telecommunications services in Nishikhola after erecting a 12-meter tower in the area. This is the first time mobile services have reached the remote Baglung area.

The beneficiaries are the 500 households dispersed in the Nishikhola Ward n°1 Devisthan. This includes areas such as Pakhapani, Torikharka, Kiteni, Barahchaur, Saatle, Swaanra, Dadagaun and Purnagaaun.

Ntc has started providing voice calls via second generation mobile service (2G GSM) in the region. Prior to this, residents had to travel to adjacent regions to receive mobile towers for connection.

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Mobile service in Nishikhola highlights Ntc’s expansion efforts

Banglung Chief and Ntc Senior Engineer Keshav Sharma said the first mobile service in Nishikhola is in line with the telecom operator’s efforts to speed up its mobile services across the country. In recent years, the government-funded operator has made great strides in extending its coverage and upgrading its existing services. These efforts go in the direction of realizing the Digital Nepal vision.

He added that the lunch of GSM 2G service is focused on people for voice call service. And that ended their many years of danger in the absence of basic telecommunications services in their locality.

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Much to the delight of locals, Sharma also added that the company will soon offer 4G services for fast mobile broadband.

In recent years, Ntc has accelerated its efforts to expand the penetration of mobile communications in areas without telecommunications services. The first telecommunications service in Nishikhola testifies to its purpose.

Previously, residents had to climb high hills for a mobile connection. Now they can enjoy voice calls inside their home.

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5G on the horizon, but some areas remain unconnected

This is an example of irony. Nepal is expecting the fifth generation mobile communication standard soon thanks to Ntc. But there are still areas that lack 2G for calls, let alone fast 4G broadband access. The digital divide exists and it needs an address faster than it is.

At a time when large malls are receiving 4G and waiting for 5G, some remote areas are struggling for basic 2G services. To address this, the government and telecom operators must redouble their efforts and bring the latest mobile communications to these still disconnected regions. And starting with the basic 2G service is convenient for operators. These legacy hardware can support future upgrades to 3G/4G standards.

What about the mobile service dichotomy in Nepal? Telecom operators are doing their best to evenly expand their services, but some areas are still being left behind. Are you satisfied with the pace of deployment of their services as well as the state of services in your area? Share what you think in the comments below.

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