Ntc launches 2G mobile service in Nara Lake, Namkha

Nepal Telecom (NTC) has launched GSM 2G mobile services in Nara Lake, Namkha Rural Municipality-5 after constructing a cell tower. The launch of the service made it easy for nearby residents to communicate via the legacy reliable mobile network.

2G is a GSM mobile technology that enables reliable voice service for mobile phone users. The network is also capable of low-speed mobile internet. Check; 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G mobile network explained

Sunam Tamang, a resident of Yari village near Nara Lake, shared his joy after Ntc launched the service. He said the 2G tower has facilitated mobile communications in the region.

Previously, people had to climb the high hill to receive signals from a cell tower in Iling. Mobile phone users in Nara and Yari now have a strong signal from a 2G network in their own area.

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Ntc builds a 2G tower in Nara Lake

The 2G tower has benefited people in several nearby areas for mobile calls. Phone users in areas such as Yari, Muchu, Tumkot, Limi, etc. can now enjoy mobile service thanks to Ntc installing the equipment in Nara Lake.

It is reported that areas of Hilsa struggled to receive signals far from the location of the tower.

Ntc Chief Humla Rijiangu Lama officially shared the launch of Ntc 2G service in Nara Lake. Soon, the company plans to upgrade its mobile network to fourth-generation technology. This will bring the high-speed broadband network to people for the first time in the region.

Ntc has accelerated its 4G expansion plan in recent years. The company recently amassed over 1 crore of users on its coveted 4G network.

Dharmaraj Neupane, administrative manager of Namkha Rural Municipality, said the service started following a series of calls in the area.

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He shared that the network became operational after 5 years of agreement. But he shared that the equipment reached the area last year. It remains to build a cell tower in Limi.

The 2G tower has also connected more areas of northern Humla.

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