Ntc launches mobile service in Tamankhola, Baglung

Continuing its rapid expansion, Nepal’s largest telecom operator, Nepal Telecom (NTC), has launched mobile service for the first time in Tamankhola-4 Rural Municipality, Lammela, Baglung. With it, the inhabitants of the region will have access to 3G Internet and voice on their smartphones and other compatible gadgets.

The telco installed a mobile tower at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level and used fiber optics for the service. With internet and voice now available, it will help rural municipalities serve more efficiently and allow residents to communicate and browse the internet on their devices.

Establishing a mobile service in the region was part of the company’s plans to expand into rural and remote areas of Nepal.

Due to a hostile landscape, launching the service via a radio link was not an option. Therefore, the company has established a fiber optic cable link to a BTS tower located in Taman, Ntc Office Incharge of Baglung, Keshav Sharma informed.

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300 homes and government offices will benefit

Sharma, head of Ntc Baglung, adds that the service mainly benefits around 300 households in the villages of Soledada and Lammela. Both are tourism sports and will also help build the connectivity needed for hotel and accommodation services. This is the first time people have had access to mobile services in the region.

“Until now, there was no mobile service in the village. But now we have erected temporary towers and provided services via fiber optics. Our goal is to continue to provide communication services to people in remote and remote villages. Before that, they struggled for years due to the lack of cell towers. Now that the mobile service has come into use, people will easily get reliable services,” he explains further.

mobile tower

Nepal is facing infrastructure configuration problems due to unfavorable landscape, and it was the same with Tamankhola. Furthermore, the onset of the rainy season proved to be another major obstacle for both technicians and transport equipment.

However, the representatives of the people and the cooperation of the inhabitants helped the telephone company to extend its mobile service to Tamankhola.

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4G mobile service in Tamankhola in the near future

Sharma also shares that Ntc plans to start providing 4G broadband network in the region soon.

Chhaprasad Sripali, the Ward Chairman of Tamankhola Village Municipality, Ward 4, shared his experience on the occasion. He said, “It was becoming very difficult to exchange information with citizens and representatives of our people due to the lack of mobile service in a remote geography.” We have laid out fiber optic wires because there is a radio link problem for the expansion of mobile services in the region. ‘

In recent months, Ntc has accelerated its efforts to expand mobile services across the country. The company has aligned its expansion plans with the philosophy of the Digital Nepal Framework. Efforts by major telecom operators, including Ntc, have greatly contributed to bridging the digital divide through mobile communications.

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